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Photo taken by Mattias Jönsson. Arvikafestivalen 2004.

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I'm male, {2021-1997} years old, web developer, geek. Addicted to caffeine, nicotine, good books, console games, movies and music.

Entered the geek-culture quite early in life, by acquiring a commodore 64. Moved on to heavier drugs (amiga 500) shortly thereafter, and finally became infatuated with the pc-world a few years after that.

Entered the net-culture somewhere around 93, after toying around the bbs-world for a while. Built my first homepage for lynx, using pico and a nifty unix-shell. Internet was more fun back then.

Switched from Windows to Ubuntu 'full-time' around Ubuntu 5.04. Currently running Ubuntu Edgy Eft at home. Planning to move over to Feisty Fawn soon. Reasonably happy user of Windows 7. Not planning a Windows 8 upgrade anytime soon.

I've been employed for the last {2021-1998} years as web developer for a various companies in Sweden/Denmark. and i like it. At the moment, i'm employed as Chief of Development at a company in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Music is an important part of my life. i need to have music surrounding me almost 24 hours a day. or things feel strange. music is soothing. it drowns out thoughts, words and other noise.

See more at my last.fm page. or my latest scrobbled page


i like reading books. I always have, even since i was a little kid. Reading expands and activates parts of your brain not that commonly used, as well as it stimulates your imagination.


Systems owned
Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation Portable, Xbox, Nintendo DS, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance SP. [oops - I should add a few more here. *cough*]
RPGs, Platformers, Survival Horror, ...


Coffee. Beer. Tea. Vodka.


Moose. Moose was a lightweight jscript/ASP-based content management system I never actually got around to finalizing. It had some nifty things in it. Maybe I'll get around to sharing it someday. If anyone can still run old-school ASP these days.

Fun facts:
Running with knives is fun.


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